Attacks From Lower Body Control

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Section 1: The Morning Newspaper

The morning newspaper was a position that my friend, Omar Bouiche, used to do. When he would pop up to Knee On Belly, the person on the bottom would shove his knee down and he would backspin over the legs and pull the legs up. This gave him the ability to attack either leg. I used this as a resting place and this created the "hoop". I would put my forearms on my thighs. The joke is that this looks like you are sitting on the toilet, reading the morning newspaper. Of course, today it would be a smart phone or iPad.

Section 2: Shin Locks

Shin Locks are part of catch wrestling. The shin lock was used as a weapon when someone took your back. It was also used when facing an opponent by placing your knee on their shin bone and pulling up on their toes. The shin lock was use as more of a punishment hold than a submission. In the old days, the punishment hold was to get someone who was stalling to move. When they were in a wrestling match, they would go shin on shin or knee on shin, to get the opponent to quit stalling so they could get them to move, turn them, & pin them. Back then, they were going for the pin. Today the goal is the submission.


  1. Introduction
  2. Section 1: Morning Newspaper
  3. Basic Flow Drill
  4. Morning Newspaper - Introduction
  5. Entries From Positions
  6. Attacks & Submissions
  7. Defense
  8. Defense Counters
  9. Section 2: Shin Locks
  10. From Butterfly Guard
  11. From Lower Body Control
  12. From Guard
  13. From Spinning Arm Bar
  14. From Back
  15. From Turtle
  16. Shin Block Counter
  17. Defense Against The Crossed Feet Ankle Lock
  18. From Back - Shin Lock Counters
  19. Butterfly Guard Variations

Running Time: 37 Min.

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Attacks From Lower Body Control

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